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Quality, reliability and performance are always the primary consideration in every product.

Blake Carburetion has been in operation for almost 20 years customizing high performance carburetors for racers, and engine builders throughout the world. The company has a variety of Holley® parts and products for your engine to provide more horsepower and better performance.

The company provides carburetors and parts for oval track racing, drag racing, and marine. Only genuine Holley® or Blake Carburetion designed, manufactured or modified parts are used to produce Blake Carburetion customized carburetors.

Our service staff is well trained and focused on customer requirements. We are constantly researching new ideas and techniques to improve our products for better air flow and more horse power.

We meet expectations. Our carburetors are built with a high level of quality to engineered blueprints that have proven to provide higher performance and more horsepower.
We carry a full line of carburetor kits, and Holley® parts to meet your needs for repair and refreshing. Carburetors/Kits/Parts for High Performance Racing.

Only superior parts are used in all Blake Carburetors. We also provide parts and kits used in our carburetors to our customers that want to service their own equipment. This includes gaskets, refresh kits, jets, cams, and various other carburetor components.

Cutting edge technology Superior parts, skilled craftsmanship are used to manufacture the Blake products. We are constantly researching new concepts and ideas, using the most advanced equipment for testing and validating results. Quality products are the focus of our team of professionals, less than 1% of our carburetors come back for repair. Customer satisfaction is our pledge.


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